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by G-Man February 25, 2013


Spoiler Alert: Do not read on if you have not yet watched Season 3, Episode 11 of AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” titled “I Ain’t A Judas.”

Episode opener, “Should we stay or should we go, now” Hershel took a firm stand with Rick letting him know he needs to “man up or step down!” Shoo even little Carl, was like, “uhm, don’t get mad but I think you should take a chill pill before you go mad” I’m jussayin, it was awesome to see Carl step up to the plate, he’s really maturing into a strong young man.

Back in the town of Woodbury, the Govna, building a case against Rick’s group, is building his army of able bodies…including kids…hmmm interesting. Andrea can sense sumthin ain’t right but definitely likes the cozy life or maybe it’s just that puss filled hole where his eye was.

Merle, good ole Merle, just where does his loyalty lie? He’s definitely a wild card but will he turn his back on his brother, I doubt it. He tells it like it is explaining to Hershel how it might just go down if the Govna takes control over Rick’s group and overpowers the prison, he evens surprises us havin sum Bible knowledge. Wow, Merle can read, so he’s not 100% ig-nant!

Speaking of loyalty, I think we all know where Milton’s (or as we refer to him, Smithers) lies. What a little….fill in the blanks. There’s so much more going behind the scenes in that town…can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next.

So how about that classic ‘American History X curb stomp’ move? Andrea really had to enjoy that, she misses being on the run but at the same wants the comfort of a warm bed to sleep in. So did you all get a feelin of ‘special jealousy’ goin on between Michonne and Andrea? IDK sumthin had to happen as they kept each other warm during the winter they spent together. I’m jus-sayin’!

What did you guys think about Andrea’s warm welcome back? Was it necessary? My thoughts, hell yeah! I really don’t know where her intentions are…she seems really naïve about what is goin on trying to mix cake mix and eggs to create a 3 course meal. When it comes down to the wire, can she actually choose a side; will it be Rick’s group or the Govna and the town of Woodbury?

So now that we see Tyreese with his group, what are we thinking? Should Rick have let them stay or did he do the right thing by having them move on? Ben & Allen want some kind of power or maybe they just love killing folks, alive or undead. They are definitely not ones to be trusted, Tyreese and Sasha need to ditch those 2 because they are up to no good, whatsoever.

So what are your thoughts on last night’s episode? Is it building up the way you expected or better? Is Andrea a Judas or just pretending to be? Share your thoughts with us, we want to hear what y’all are thinking. Let’s Zombie Talk or in the case of Andrea’s walker, let’s Zombie Grunt…aaauuuugggg!!!


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