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by Jackelona July 20, 2013


Yes I know it’s been a while since I have written a vidaview, I am due. Just like my last vidaview, I won’t be talking about soccer. Say Whaaaaaaaaa! Yup, that’s right! Today I want to address the Marc Anthony singing ‘God Bless America’“issue”.

Marc Anthony was asked to perform at the Major League Baseball All-Star Game on July 16th and he sang a beautiful rendition of ‘God Bless America’. The New York born singer was slammed all over social media, in particular Twitter, by many saying he wasn’t “American enough” to sing this patriotic song. “Marc Anthony singing God Bless America on the MLB All-star Game……am I the only person that finds that un-American,” tweeted an MLB fan. “Why is a Mexican, Marc Anthony, singing god bless America? Doesn’t he know this is AMERICA’s song?” another fan wrote.

Really America!? Really!? Let’s set a couple of things straight, right here, right now. Marc Anthony was born and raised in New York and is of Puerto Rican descend not Mexican. Do we not forget that America is a melting pot of many cultures and nationalities; this is what sets us apart from the rest of the world. Even “white” people are immigrants to this country. Let’s be real, the only & I say only people that have a right to B*tch and say anything are the Native American Indians. A little basic American history lesson, England invaded this land and Stole America from the Native Americans and let’s not forget the southwest territories stolen from Mexico. But whatever, I guess people just want to say ignorant crap for the sake of being idiots! Do people not realize who we Americans look to the rest of the world? Stupid and ignorant comments like the ones made are the reason why Americans are the laughing stock to the rest of the world.

Why don’t people watch international news for once and educate themselves on Sociocultural Globalization. It’s just so sad that our generation is still resisting on change. It just baffles me that in this day in age people are still so close minded. Let me shed a little light to the uneducated moron. For your information Latinos make up an estimated 16.9% of the Population in the U.S as of the 2012 Census Bureau. We all know, those numbers are not accurate, it’s definitely more. We all know not everyone fills out those Census Bureau surveys. Based on this information, the Census Bureau estimates that by 2020 the Hispanic population will take up 29% of the U.S population. We are the largest minority group in the United States. Latinos are also the largest group of minorities to own their own businesses. About 8.3% of the businesses in the United States are owned by Latinos. According to The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate, 46.1% of the U.S population are homeowners in which 58% of the homeowners are Hispanic. Hispanics are dominating the growth of the nation’s workforce. In 2012, Hispanic job growth accounted for approximately half of the total U.S job growth. 40% of Latino households earn over $50,000 annually. Hispanic Purchasing power exceeds $1 Trillion and is estimated to grow to $1.5 Trillion by 2015.

In conclusion, Hispanics have become a dominant economic and political force in America. We are a powerhouse that is reshaping the American consumer markets. This is just some food for thought for all those bigots who have No clue as to how much of an impact We Latinos have in this country!! All I have to say is Brown is the new white! Que Viva los Latinos! Orgullosa de ser Latina Siempre!

National Association of Hispanic Real Estate


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