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“Fury” is a very brutal portrayal of World War 2

by leo guerrero


“Fury” stars Brad Pitt in a movie which portrays a group of world war 2 soldiers who have survived many fights in a tank named, Fury. The movie is well-acted and we learn of the group thru the eyes of their newest recruit, Norman. Norman is a brand new soldier who has not been in nor had any exposure to the war. So his being assigned to Brad Pitt, the Sargeant, was not a pleasant experience.

Norman at first tries to avoid conflict altogether but during the course of the movie, slowly loses his humanity as he is witness to casualty after casualty and does not react well (at one point, the Sargeant forces Norman to kill a Nazi soldier just to toughen him up).

The depiction of the war is very brutal and graphic as we see lots of blood and loss of life. This aspect of the war makes for great theater. Yet the high point towards the end leaves a bit to be desired as we are led to believe a group of 5 soldiers can manage to stave off a battalion of Nazi soldiers.

To sum up, “Fury” does a great job in it’s portrayal of how brutal world war 2 really was. The acting is great but the ending comes up a bit short. I give this movie 3 out of 4 guns with the ending being the low point of the movie.

Be Fabulous, Be You: Set a Goal Today

by Gris Hernandez


As many others in our society, I think about my weight a lot, on a daily basis, a number of times each day. Looking in the mirror over the sink as I apply my makeup in the morning and then using the full length mirror as I adjust my outfit for the day. I think about the number on the scale and the size of my waist.

I’ve been struggling with my weight for close to 10 years. Due to thyroid issues, the number on the scale has gone up and down, it’s one of those roller coaster rides I just can’t get off of.

Growing up I loved being active, and in the last couple of years I have rediscovered that. Who wants to be out of breath walking up a flight of stairs? I have gotten excited about Zumba, walking, biking, and recently running! Find what works for you, be adventurous try something new with friends, and mix it up. We live in a great city with diverse events and activities. Strengthen your support system, because they will encourage you to keep going strong.

I’m Latina and I’m in love with my curves. My goal has never been to be a size 2, but to be comfortable with my body. My confidence and energy level are growing. I will continue to push myself remembering it doesn’t happen overnight. Little steps are good, don’t underestimate them because you’re headed in the right direction.

Take that first step, set a goal today,for your health and your happiness.

Marisa’s Misadventures: Petals of Regret

by ArtCMarisa


Flowers are given to people to show that you like, love, admire, appreciate and in my case miss that person. I arrived at home one day to find an amazing bouquet of orange roses. No note, all it said was my name. I wondered for several days until finally the mystery sender claimed the delivery.

It was an ex boyfriend from a year prior who had unfortunately spotted me out and about but didn’t approach me. He felt he missed me and decided to send flowers. Well thank you, but where were these flowers a year ago? I love flowers and make it known that I do so. Flowers just bring happiness at arrival. Well his flowers never arrived during our courtship. They arrived a year too late.

When you are dating someone, show your partner that you like them by doing for them something that will put a smile on their face. In my case flowers, for others it can be writing a love note, giving a massage or even putting the toilet seat down for once. Show them that you are happy that they are in your life.

Sometimes love is short lived. Do not wait until you see the person you cared about out with another, to realize you love and miss them. Those flowers that arrived late will wilt as did your relationship. Learn to love in the moment. Love passionately and with no regrets.

With love the possibilities are endless. Do not hold back. Show people that you care and that they are special to you. If not, someone else may do so for you, and all you will be left with is regrets. Good luck daters and thank you for following Marisa’s Misadventures*

Let Me Be a Grown-up Kid

by Gris Hernandez


I’m a 35 year old single Latina. I was teaching for over 8 some years. I have 2 degrees in education. Yet this year I left that behind, it wasn’t what I wanted anymore and I want to find something that makes me happy.

I’m told you need a career not a job, you are having a midlife crisis, and what are you going to do with your life? Well I don’t have a family of my own, no kids that need my attention, so the way I figure I am only responsible for taking care of me. If I want to pick up and leave it’s OK, if I want to go away for the weekend let’s do it, and if I want to leave my career because I want to find something new for me then I will do just that.

After reading an article on Time’s FB page “How Can I Figure Out What I Really Want To Do With My Life” I have discovered what I really what to do is be a Grownup kid. I want to fail and succeed while being fearless, as the article says, dare to follow where my heart will take me. So I will not ask anyone for permission to be a Grownup Kid. I will not be the immature kind, but the kind who dares to explore and discover.

I want to try many things, I want to write books and travel the world. I want to help others, while leaving a mark of sorts in this world. I want to question everything and I don’t want to be limited. I want to follow my passions and focus my daily tasks on them. As the article states I will play, get reckless, question everything, and ignore reality.

Let me explore the impossible!

Flawed “Calvary” Redeemed by Brendan Gleeson’s Towering Performance

by Alejandro A. Riera


“Calvary” is a frustrating movie in so many ways. It features an understated performance by Brendan Gleeson as a Catholic priest facing death. It is directed by John Michael McDonagh who wrote and directed the brilliantly dark politically incorrect comic thriller “The Guard” also starring Gleeson.

And it asks some tough questions about the role the beleaguered Catholic Church plays in our lives. And yet, the scaffolding holding the story together is rickety. Shot mostly as two-handers between Gleeson and his fellow cast members, “Calvary” comes across as filmed theater with the obligatory low angle shot to make it look and feel cinematic. And the characters are, at best, emblematic, each one assigned a specific quirk or sin designed to test the protagonist’s mettle.

“Calvary” starts promisingly, with a tight close-up of Father James (Gleeson) as he sits on his confessional. A man tells him, off-camera, that he was raped for seven straight years since he was five by a priest now dead, and that he will avenge the deed by killing a good priest, since that would send a shock to the system. That good priest happens to be Father James, a man who heard the calling of the Lord after his wife died. The unseen man gives Father James seven days to get his affairs together: they will meet by the seashore the following Sunday. Father James knows who the voice belongs to but as any good priest will tell you, what’s said at the confessional stays at the confessional.

So, for the next seven days the good priest wanders up and down the streets and beaches and pathways of his small Irish community, putting up with the taunts and recriminations of a small group of citizens: the cocaine-sniffing atheist doctor (Aiden Gillan, a.k.a. “Littlefinger” from “Game of Thrones”), a local butcher (Chris O’Dowd) who may be beating his wife (Orla O’Rourke) who is having an affair with an African mechanic (Isaach de Bankolé), a rich man under indictment for his role in a banking scandal (Dylan Moran), an elderly American writer eager to die (a wasted M. Emmett Walsh), a rapist-murderer-cannibal (Domnhall Gleeson) who believes to have found God in his heinous crimes, and a young man who wants to join the Army because women have ignored him for far too long (Killian Scott). There appears to be not one redeemable, soulful, functional person in this small town. McDonagh wants his protagonist to carry a mighty cross on his shoulders as he makes his way to his own personal calvary, each character questioning Father James’ integrity and faith with snarky, in-your-face acts and remarks.

Into the fray walks Fiona, Father James’ daughter (Kelly Reilly), who recently survived a suicide attempt, a character as resentful of the priest and as dysfunctional as the rest of the cast. But she is at least far more complex and fully developed. Her scenes with her father are poignant: this is James’ last chance to come to terms with the pain he caused her when he joined the Church. We know that Fiona is completely unaware that these are her father’s final days, that this is her last chance to come to close that emotional gap that kept them apart for so long.

“Calvary” is, however, a magnificent showcase for Brendan Gleeson. We are so used to seeing Gleeson play these rough, tough characters that to see him play such a sensitive, hurt soul comes not only as a pleasant surprise but makes us realize that the movies have barely scratched the surface of what this mercurial actor has to offer. His weathered, craggy face, his soulful eyes, his gait, all hint at a man who understands the world he lives in because he actually experienced it. His Father James is a decent man, tolerant, even when he is pushed too far. It’s a towering performance, one that has a lot of faith in the director and the story and in the power of acting. And Gleeson has plenty of faith to spare.



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