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Coffee Break

As you know, we have been working very hard to bring you an entertainment website that delivers Events and Vidaviews that fit your lifestyle. In addition, we have given you more control over Cityvida.com. You can submit Events and Vidaviews, and share them with your family and friends using the social network icons.

With that said, let's have some coffee together, in the virtual sense. By buying us a cup or box of Joe, you will help offset the cost of running Cityvida.com. Also, the coffee will keep us awake and focused to continue improving and delivering 'your city, your vida' to you.

So let's have some coffee and thank you for 'taking a break' with us.



About Cityvida

Cityvida.com was created to deliver entertainment and events in the Hispanic community. As Cityvida.com has evolved, we are giving the user, YOU, more control of the website. You will not only be able to find cool things to do in the city but also contribute to the website by submitting your Events and Vidaviews.

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@Make_IT_Nancy How about eating coffee beans?

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RT @ChrisWarcraft: I was going to get Hester a retirement gift but he'd just return it.

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