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by Alberto


How is everyone doing out there today. Today’s posts is all about the HTC One (M8). You might be saying to yourself right now hasn’t HTC already released that phone, technically it does feature the HTC One but this one is the HTC One (M8). This phone is unlike anyone that we have seen before.

by Alberto


Hey fellow tech followers, I am back to bring you the latest and greatest in the tech industry. First off, I want to thank everyone who continues to catch up on my posts from the past. I am truly blessed to have you as a follower and reader. Let’s get down to business and let me share with you some news that is beneficial to everyone.

by Alberto


A brand new phone is going to be available for pre-order today that is unlike any phone that we, the average user, has ever experienced in our lifetime.

by G-Man


Technology shouldn’t be blamed for one’s obliviousness. It is 2014 and although technology has advanced quite a bit from the days we all carried our Walkman tape players, we have to continue to do as we did before, READ instructions, read the fine print, educate yourself because not everyone will do it for you.

by Alberto


Hey fellow techies, sorry I have not posted anything new in sometime. With the best time of year approaching, I am here to offer a gift idea for that techie person in your life.

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Stop staring at your commuting neighbor and read the May movie previews: Spider-Man, X-Men, Godzilla. http://t.co/6BRd29hYa3

Stop staring at your commuting neighbor and read the May movie previews: Spider-Man, X-Men, Godzilla. http://t.co/1qt1QUQlDg

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