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by Alejandro A. Riera


Some time ago, in fact in my review of “Dark Shadows,” I suggested that the time had come for Tim Burton and Johnny Depp to go their separate ways for awhile as their collaborations were beginning to run on empty.

by Alejandro A. Riera


It’s over. “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” brings to an end an overextended tale that could have easily been told in two films as Mexican director Guillermo del Toro originally conceived it before leaving the project.

by Alejandro A. Riera


Nothing says wholesome Christmas entertainment than a movie featuring oppression, tyranny, a spiteful and vengeful God, white people in key roles and colored ones as slaves (sex and otherwise) or background decor, ten plagues that wreak havoc on the innocent and a parting of the seas that resembles a tidal wave out of a Roland Emmerich disaster movie.

by Alejandro A. Riera


Ten years ago, author Cheryl Strayed embarked on on one of those journeys of self-discovery Hollywood, and Oprah, love so much by hiking, alone, all 1000+ miles of the Pacific Coast Trail from the Mojave Desert to Oregon. She recorded her experiences in her best-selling Oprah’s Book Club official selection “Wild.”

by leo guerrero


In my humble opinion, the hardest movies to write are horror movies and comedies because if people don’t get scared or laugh within the first ten minutes, the audience will tune out the movie.

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