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by ArtCMarisa


I was on a breakfast date one morning. We’d chosen a gorgeous southern style restaurant. The walls and floors were made of dark mahogany, as vintage photography was displayed throughout.

by Artcmarisa


Heartbreaks happen every day. It’s sad but true. After a breakup, it’s time to heal and put the pieces back together. If love didn’t work out for you with this person, it just means that the love of your life is still out there somewhere. So mend your broken heart and keep looking.

by artcmarisa


Have you ever found yourself lazy in love … in the bedroom? Of course the sex is great in the beginning of any relationship. That’s when you’re trying to be that sexy goddess that you know is in there somewhere. You wear the sexy lingerie, smell great and even attempt a couple of gymnastic worthy flips and bends. It’s all great fun but how long does it last before you get a little too comfortable?

by Just Jax


I know this is a little outside of what I normally blog about, but I feel like expressing myself in another way other than Soccer! I feel the need to share some of my experiences with others who may be going through a hard time or are feeling lost like I was. By no means do I know all the answers, I’m just sharing my story & the lessons I learned along the way!

by Salbondigas


OK guys, you thought you were creativity with your marriage proposals. You have to check out this one as I think it takes the ‘wedding cake’ of proposals …

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