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by adrian


Select an event and have a drink with friends

by adrian


Great Musicians, Live Music, Enjoy with your friends

by adrian


Plenty of Art and Cultural Events to Attend with friends

by adrian


Great Holiday Events to enjoy with family and friends



About Cityvida

Cityvida.com was created to deliver entertainment and events in the Hispanic community. As Cityvida.com has evolved, we are giving the user, YOU, more control of the website. You will not only be able to find cool things to do in the city but also contribute to the website by submitting your Events and Vidaviews.

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Let's go to Mole de Mayo, a festival in Pilsen this weekend. Or check out Pat's old stomping grounds, Little Village https://t.co/A3LJ1pTEw0

Pizza Hut just signaled a terrifying reality for fast-food workers: https://t.co/TBLPcZpMYC

Great to read his plan for his winnings. Congrats to the winner. Thanks for sharing. https://t.co/WraaHutSzt

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