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by Robert Sanz


Growing up, I did not eat Mexican candy. If good ol’ mommy dearest decided to buy us candy, we asked for Snickers, Kit Kat and Big League Chew. After all, Mexican candy tasted nasty.

by Alonzo Alcaraz


The well kept secret of 7up’s health benefits has been revealed in this parody video.

by Robert Sanz


Think about it … you spent the whole day fishing and finally get that trophy fish. You pose with your buddy to get the picture of your accomplishment and all of a sudden, SNATCH!!!

by Robert Sanz


One of my favorite comedians is Jimmy Fallon. His show is one of the top rated late night shows and he has The Roots as his on-set band. Well Fallon has outdone himself again as he has created a spoof of one of my favorite shows , Breaking Bad, which he has called ‘Joking Bad’.

by Salbondigas


Twerking has been around for awhile. I remember seeing this provocative dance at high school dances, block parties and even at family parties. (I am still going to therapy for that.) Twerking is ‘in your face’ like a shaking butt and I do not see any ‘upside down’ end in sight.

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Portugal hints at what the American internet could eventually look like without net neutrality: https://t.co/72Vn1uXsBE

RT @ChrisWarcraft: I was going to get Hester a retirement gift but he'd just return it.

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