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“Fury” is a very brutal portrayal of World War 2

by leo guerrero


“Fury” stars Brad Pitt in a movie which portrays a group of world war 2 soldiers who have survived many fights in a tank named, Fury. The movie is well-acted and we learn of the group thru the eyes of their newest recruit, Norman. Norman is a brand new soldier who has not been in nor had any exposure to the war. So his being assigned to Brad Pitt, the Sargeant, was not a pleasant experience.

Be Fabulous, Be You: Set a Goal Today

by Gris Hernandez


As many others in our society, I think about my weight a lot, on a daily basis, a number of times each day. Looking in the mirror over the sink as I apply my makeup in the morning and then using the full length mirror as I adjust my outfit for the day. I think about the number on the scale and the size of my waist.

Marisa’s Misadventures: Petals of Regret

by ArtCMarisa


Flowers are given to people to show that you like, love, admire, appreciate and in my case miss that person. I arrived at home one day to find an amazing bouquet of orange roses. No note, all it said was my name. I wondered for several days until finally the mystery sender claimed the delivery.

Let Me Be a Grown-up Kid

by Gris Hernandez


I’m a 35 year old single Latina. I was teaching for over 8 some years. I have 2 degrees in education. Yet this year I left that behind, it wasn’t what I wanted anymore and I want to find something that makes me happy.

Flawed “Calvary” Redeemed by Brendan Gleeson’s Towering Performance

by Alejandro A. Riera


“Calvary” is a frustrating movie in so many ways. It features an understated performance by Brendan Gleeson as a Catholic priest facing death. It is directed by John Michael McDonagh who wrote and directed the brilliantly dark politically incorrect comic thriller “The Guard” also starring Gleeson.



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